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Sri Lankan Gods and Goddessess

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Gods & Godesses!

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Who are gods & goddessess Jump to Top!
Gods and goddess are powerful energy beings who did big merits on donations, precepts and meditations in their past life. Gods are don't like come near to human world or humans. So only they look at us and use mind waves for help us. Lot of times god's thoughts are powerful which means they can create some physical things from their mind. gods are look at people who do merits and use their mind power to help those people's life which make easy their works. This is called Devatha Dushti means Attraction of Gods. We can get their attraction from mainly by giving merit to them. In Sri Lanka gods & goddesses called as Devatha. Except gods, their have another energy beings called :
Naga (they can be stay as normal serpernt or powerful god),
Gandrawa (beings who do entertain for gods from music and dances),
Devils (Yakka - beings who are cruel and ugly than gods)
Hungry ghosts (Pratha- beings who are did sins in thier past life, now stay without foods, cloths, body and house) Any gods & gandrawa don't come or hunt into human body except hungry ghost, naga or devils.
Some gods live in heaven (Sadiuya Loko Devo) and some are live on human world or sky near to earth, they are called as Earth Based gods (Bumatu Devo). In Maha Samaya sutta, Lord Buddha said there have gods in based on all other planets and stars (Nakkhattàni purakkhatvà...) such as our sun, moon, vinus, mars, etc...Gods who are not belongs to lust world stay on Brakma worlds (Brakma Loko) & gods who are in Anagami state (person who remove lust worlds) stay on pureland heavens (Suddawasa Devo).
Popular Buddhist teaching is "People who have gone to the Buddha for refuge, Will not go to the plane of hells. On discarding the human body,They will fill the hosts of the devas in heavens".

How We Attract Gods & Goddesses? Jump to Top!
It is very difficult to get gods attraction within small time such as one day, sometimes two or more months want to wait for get attraction from particular god. However Buddhist people can get their attraction from mind request in every day after worshiping to triple gem. But some people can get their attraction very soon cause of past lives relationship with gods. Gods attraction formula is simple which is : Merits + Clean + Precepts + Sweet Ordors
Lord Buddha say it is wise transfer merits to gods by doing Buddhist merit works such as giving alms & cloths donations to Sangha, help to making temples or rooms for meditative Buddhist monks, doing meditations, observe precepts, teaching Dhamma, etc...
Earth Based gods and goddesses are attracted to sweet odors such as sweet water flowers, Sandlewood, Jesmine, Pichcha, Some oils and fruits or clean places such as clean ponds, rivers, big trees, nice gardens, stupa and temples. If you keep such odors, flowers or related air freshner inside your home or rooms, god will like to your home.
Also it is good keep Buddha worshiping place (neat room or tall table with Buddha statue, Bodi leave & small stupa where you can offer flowers, odors & oil lamp to Lord Buddha. Female people can offer Buddha puja : morning & lunch meals and drink puja) in your home which is another way to get attraction of gods. All family members must worship to Buddha in this place, then all of them get attracted by kindly gods.
Another thing is after you get sign from istha devatha or other gods attracted to you, it is not good wear or use Amulets (Yantras) or use sound science (Mantras) for cure your problems. Then gods think you neglect their power, so they remove their attraction from you or your family! Instead of Mantras, you can use Buddhist poems or Parittas (Gods are esp. like to hear Karaniya Metta sutta & Maha Mangala Sutta) Good thing is you talk such things with your family Astrologer. If you reduce your merit works then gods also reduce their attraction as same amount from you & your family. Dhamapada said person who not get angry, who say true words & who give donations may close to gods!

Buddhist Gods & Goddesses Jump to Top!
Buddhist people don't refuge gods but they only ask help from gods. Lot of Buddhist gods can be attracted to you by mind requesting. If they take your requesting into consider, they will show it by dream or some sign. This dreams can be see by your family member who has best precepts or you. Then you need to tranfer merit for that god by doing big merit work by yourself. (Click this link for know about more Buddhist gods)
Below we gave Buddhist gods who are discussed in Sutta Pitakaya.

  • Brakma Gods : Brakma Sahampathi god who live in Brakma loka, enlighten into anagami state in Kasapa Lord Buddha's time, helped to our Gautama Buddha. Sinhala people who do meditation like to get attraction of this god. Also this god good for ask help for education. Another Brakma god is Sanath kumara who live in Brakma loka, help to our Buddha's Bodhisatwa times. He is main Dhamma talker or advicer in six heavens. Tissa Brakma god is another god who help to understand Buddhist sutta and advanced Buddhist teachings. He was become Anagami from our Lord Buddha's time as his past life was monk.
  • Sakra Davendra : Main god of Tausita & Taturmaha-Rajika heavens. Sometimes look at human world & help to good Buddhist people. This god is became soovan, so sometimes come as poor begger to check our precepts.
  • Kuwara or Vishawana : Leader of Yakka group among Satarawaram gods, sometimes help to poor people who stay with Buddhism. He gives permission to his servents (devils) or low power gods to say future prediction about our life in Devala. This is called as giving -Waram. Our kings time, people keep Bara for get wealth and money form Kuwara god. Said to be good talker but also said curel god. People who do business can ask help from this god for develop wealth & success.
  • Datharaththa : Leader of Gandrauwa group among Satarawaram gods, who like to art and music. So Buddhist people who do art works can ask help from this god.
  • Indra : Sons of satara waram gods, are called as Indra gods. They take care other gods & goddesses. In atanatiya sutta there have details of these gods. You can ask help from these gods too.
  • Visaka Goddess : Visaka said to be got soovan in age seven and help to our Lord Buddha. Also she help to poor people. Now she live as powerful goddess in Nirmana Rathi heaven. Therefore Buddhist female people who practice Dhamma can ask help or attraction from this goddesss.
  • Matru Divya Raja : Our Lord Buddha's real mother called Mahamaya davi, was rebirth as male god, in tusita heaven. This god help every Buddhist people and female Buddhists.
  • Matali God : Official driver & close friend of Sakra god. People who do work related to traveling can ask help from this god. Sometimes this god inform to other gods about good people in human world.
  • Panchasika : Official musician of heaven tautisa. Buddhist people who do works related to music can get attraction of this god. His past life he was poor young boy who help to develop his village from his body power. Also he played violin and flute, so his merit overcame to be god in Taturmaha-Rajika heaven.
  • Janasabha or Janawasabha : Whole sutta have related to this god, whose past life was soovan king of Bimbisara, who was died by his own son. He is live under Kuwera god, sutta said he work as messanger for Satarawaram four gods. He was mention as one of devil leader in Atanatiya sutta who help to Buddhist people for cure devil & ghost problems.
  • Anatapindika Deva Putra : Lord Buddha's main laic carer sales man called Anatapindika is another soovan god, who live in Tusita heaven. He may help to any Buddhist person for life problems.
  • Viswerkarma God : In Tausita heaven have god called Viswerkarma who have ability for engineering works, sometimes help to engineers in human world for their creations. People who do technology can get help from this god. Also this god help to poor but honest people by creating properties.

Devala and Deva Puja Jump to Top!
Lot of main gods or goddesses have their ministers, while those ministers have lot of low power gods who care some certain areas. As well as low gods, all main gods have groups of devils or powerful hungry ghosts, who are used to give punishments to people who do bad things. Because all god's duty is keep good in world & escape bads. So Devala or House of God, have such low power god such as Bumathu Deva. Those low power god tell about us to their ministers. Lot of times these low power gods help to success our Bara or askings from their main god. As a example Kataragama god's minister is Kadawara gods, so Kadawara god seperate lot of low power gods to every Kataragama Devala in Sri Lanka & world wide.
People give fruit's & flower's smells to gods. Cause some gods stay by taking such smells, colors & lights as meals. In sutta pitakaya there have groups of sutta called Gandabbakaika Sanyuttaya, which are discussed about these kind of god by Lord Buddha. To do right god's blessing ceremony or Deva Puja, first we need clean four trays and new oil lamps. Then you need to make those four trays as below :

  • First tray must have with spread herbal leaves, seven fruits, small stick of sugar cane, king coconut fruit & seven sweet meals. As herbal leaves can take betel leaves. Here fruits must not - cut, eaten by insects or animal, dirty or too much young & old. Sweet meals must make in house, must not eat before keep in gods.
  • Normally we use pineapple, bananas & mangoes as essential fruits for deva puja.
  • Second tray must have with spread herbal leaves, seven flowers and lighted incense sticks. Flowers which are keep to gods must not big dark red flowers. But as water flowers, we can keep red lotus.
  • Third tray must have with spread seven herbal leaves & lighted camphour coins on shaded coconut fruit.
  • Lighted seven oil lamps in forth tray, normally oils from - sandalwood or coconuts.
  • People who can't make such big puja can make small puja from steel tray with spread betel leaves, three fruits, two sweet meals, two flowers, lighted incense sticks and lighted camphour coins on shaded coconut fruit.

It is good you use steel, brass or golden tray. This tray must only used for keep puja for gods. You need to consult good Astrologer for doing correct deva puja, Because according to your problem and also different gods like different type of leaves, odors, flowers, fruits, oils, meals & smells. Keeping these tray into place of god or Devala, we can request their attractions. Cause gods are like to neat & clean environments. Hence we need to choose clean fruits which not used by even birds or insects. Every devala have priest (In Sinhala Kapuwa) who help to do deva puja. He is scared to be vegetarian and know well about god in his devala. You can consult priest in devala for keep this deva puja. But also you can keep such puja in devala or near the Bodhi tree by your hand then say inviting mantras for that god. As you can understand this puja are not eaten by gods but it only used smells & make happy their minds. Even our minds become fresh by seen fresh fruits. Therefore you must use only fruits, flowers & meals with sweet smells. This is different than Buddha puja.

Keeping Of Bara Jump to Top!
Some people keep agreement with gods called Bara, by keep or tired, covered coins from new cloth in Devala or near tree. This coin is called as Padura. This coin & cloth must be wash from mixer of lime juice with turmeric. It is good you loudly say some Buddhist gatha such as Sabbapa Pasasa Akaranam... in 108 times into padura before keep it on god's near. This is called make it powerful or Gewam. This Sabbapa Pasasa Akaranam... is Buddhist Mantra which is told by all Lord Buddhas who lived in all past and also tell in all future, and consider as most powerful protection mantra in sound science. It is on Digga Nikaya and Dhamma Pada pali in sutta Pitakaya. Also it is wanted to advice that all people want to remove Bara by give some help to Dewala after god help to you, otherwise gods are try to give punishments till we remove Bara by doing to help to Dewala or near bodhi tree.
If you are live in another country, you can do same deva puja in Hindu temple or dewala in those countries. But it is not good do deva puja in garden or outside in homes cause some ghosts and devils hunter those smells. They will give new problems in your home. You can arrange deva puja little bit below the Buddha worshiping place or puja room. In that case use below steps :

  • Firstly keep flowers, oil lamp & incense sticks to triple gem in Buddha worshiping place. Worship Buddha by saying gathas and parittas of Karaniya metta sutta, Ratana sutta and Mangala sutta.
  • Then observe five precepts.
  • Then remember your did merit works little time.
  • Take photo of your liked god and keep it little bit below to Buddha statue. Then light oil lamp for god.
  • Offer light of oil lamp and transfer merits what you did, to god.
  • Then ask help from gods by keep a bara.

Is gods's can tell our future? Jump to Top!
Lot of gods can tell about our future from their mind power. But some hungry ghosts & devils mislead us from Devala by saying in truth about past but say lies about future. Because ghosts & devils can't say about our future more correct way as gods. Therefore you must be care when you go to ask future predictions from some Devalas. It is good to determine is that Devala have god or ghost by talking with main priests of Devala. Gods don't like to waste money, but ghosts are try to collect money from people who come to Devala. Then give that money to priests, cause they are past lives relation of that priests. But gods don't like to do that kind of misleading things.
In sinhala these kind of future predictions or prophesy are called as Sattara. Gods, devils, naga and ghosts can read our mind by enter to our mind images. Lot of time they can read our past lives through our mind. It is esp: power they have. Then they determine what kind of things happen in future through our kamma forces. Lot of times naga, ghosts & devils hunt our body to read our mind. This is called as Awasha. In awasha state, person become vibrate & say what cutomer ask things. But some powerful devils, naga & gods don't like to hunt human body, instead of it they link with our mind or nervous system via telepathy & their devine-eye. Cause gods are thinking human body as dirty or uncanny. In this case priest don't become awasha, instead he can know what telling by gods via some objects such as oil lamp, leaves, white paper, water cup, etc... So here is simple ways to know Devala have gods or other inhuman,

  • Ask name of gods or goddesses when he get awasha, lot of times gods are say their names, details of heavens, what merit they did to become god, etc... But other inhuman get angry soon when ask their details. (they say ask those details help to get punishment from gods)
  • Gods or goddesses don't like awasha or hunt human body.
  • Gods & goddesses are kind but other inhumans try to fear us.
  • Devala which have inhuman not gods, are try to take money from customers, by make fear us such as telling we have big spell binds or going to die.
  • Devala must be nice & clean for get attraction of any kind gods.

Council Of Gods & Goddesses Jump to Top!
Except some gods, other all famous gods & goddesses are belongs to Bumatu Deva or Yakka or Nagha sector under the Satarawaram Gods. Even heavens have lot of gods, only 12 main gods who take care human world. They are called council of god (Deva Mandalaya). These gods live in sub heavens which are located between earth surface and main six heavens. Birth of all god's life, belongs to did merits in their human life. There have wide truth that these gods are live in our real life. When Lord Buddha visit Sri Lanka three times, so lot of gods & goddesses in Sri Lanka become sovan state, therefore we can conclude all areas in our country have those soovan gods who take care good Buddhist people within Sri Lanka.
Lot of gods stories comes from Hindu myths, hence we did real life investigations about gods via people who have power to talk with gods via light reading (Anjanam), personal experiences & monks who do meditation. We found these information related to below gods. We want to say any of belows gods or goddesses are not fictitious, so really live. Also here we want to give our thanks Mr. Somapala Damatapitiya for doing research about gods via light reading & write down interviews from gods!

  • Mitree BodhiSatwa god : This god is in Tusita heaven who is become next Lord Buddha. He is most powerful god in heaven who have ultimate merit powers. Lot of time he use his time for meditation and observe strict precepts. Sometimes he comes to human world and help to good people without care religion. If you mindly request, this god can read your thoughts then help you.
  • Sri Natha god : Natha god is another Bodhisattwa god Now live in Tusita heaven. However he is not become Lord Buddha at very close time, but help to Buddist people. Main devala is in temple tooth in Kandy. Good for ask help related to family development. For natha bodhi satthwa god, you must do deva puja from mainly three white lotus water flowers in same day & same time in evey month.
  • Kataragama God : There have lot of stories about Kataragama god. Sri Lankan people give especial attention to this gods than other gods. Kataragame god is stay on Ruhunu area in Sri Lanka who is protector of temple of Kiriwahera and related Bodi tree. Main devala is in Kataragama. Since our kings ages, people get help from this god for get unique educational skills, bring back lost properties, increase mind power, develop courages for face enimies, lottary wins, get new properties, develop personality & all areas of our life. Our lot of people saw this god as wearing brown cloth like monk & do meditate in Kataragama area.
    Kataragama god also called as Sakanda Kumara god, can be said as person who came to Sri Lanka from India. He did helps to Sinhala people from his mind power by donate his time & work hard. These merits help him to be powerful god. He is joky, kind god but also gives big punishments to people who don't remove bara right time. But always this god like to help people without care nation, religion or casts. This god have two wives, called Tavani & Walli. Kataragama god like fruit pujas than other puja types. ( From light readings we found, as other gods, kataragma god's look like is different from pictures in shops. He have only two hands & one head as humans, wear read color long handed shirt & white sarom as wear by old kings. Long gold color veil rounded around the neck & silver color belt around sarom. Also have prince's type small crown on head.)
  • Upulwan or Vishnu : Upulwan god is main protector of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, who is another BodhiSattwa god. Upulwan means god of blue color body. Main devala is in Devinuwara in south of Sri Lanka. From we did research from light reading, we found that vishnu god use his value time for meditation & observe precepts, hence don't have time for look at every devala in worldwide, so he send his minister gods for look at such devala. It is good you do deva puja for god vishnu from small white sweet smell flowers & blue flowers. His main duty is give protection for good people (also gods), from bad people, enimies & other evil powers. He also have wife.
  • Suman Saman : This god different than all other gods. Cause this god have limited power than other all gods. His power only located to Samanala or Sri Padha mountain in Sri Lanka. God Saman's duty is protect Buddha's relic of foot mark in top of mountain & protect people who came to worship Buddha's relics & temple on mountain. This god can't go every devala in islandwide such as other god, only can get bless of this god in Samanala rock area. You must do deva puja for this god from red lotus water flowers. This god came & help people as normal person in his area.
  • Dadimunga : Who is governer of all hungry ghost & devils in Sri Lanka. Consider his popular is emitted all over Sri Lanka. Miniter of Sri Vishnu god. Army Leader of Kataragama god. Grandson of Kuwara god. His father was Purnaka the devil leader and mother was Erandathi the naga queen. Main devala is in Aluth Nuwara in Kandy area. Dadimunga means god of steady minded and bearded face. He is not like other gods, cause since past four Buddha's periods (Vipassi, Kakusada, Kasayapa & Gauthama) he was devil leader. These four Buddhas gave words to this god to protect Buddhist people. Stroy about birth of this god is in Jataka pali in Sutta Pitakaya. Even we say Dadimuga as god, but he is devil leader. People can ask help from this gods for problems with hungry ghosts, devils, evil powers, sicknesses & curses of negative poeple.
  • Bandara Devathas : Village leaders, herbal medical doctors, Astrologers & teachers who did merit in their human life, consider rebirth as gods called Bandara Devathas. These bandara devathas can seen as wearing white color long cloths with matted hair. There have lot of Bandara Devathas in every villages in Sri lanka.
  • Gambara Devathas : Gambara Devatha are cheaf of bandara devathas who care each of every villages or towns in Sri Lanka. So very village have gambara devathas, who tells about their villages & people in there to Gambara Siddha Suniyam god. Also it is said to be gambara devathas take care Kataragama devala in their villages and towns.
  • Suniyam God : Siddha Suniyam god is protector of all villages & houses in Sri Lanka who is traveling village to village in mid night on white cloths. This god' travelling can be know from sudden Jasmine smell & sametime dogs are barks. He give punishments to bad people while helps to good ones and Buddhists. This god stay in two ways as god and curel devil. Suniyam god is very curel god who gives vast punishments for bad people. In his human past life, he was person who protect law in society when Sakanda Kumara's human life. Siddha Suniyam means this god need to be invited when use mantra science & related works, he gives permission to work mantra. Suniyam god stay under rules of the Kataragama god.
  • Kadawara god : Right-hand minister of Kataragama god. Kadawara is devil leader & save Sri Lankan people from Asura evils. Also now Kataragama devala is under control of this god.
  • Ganasha : is god said to be brother of Sakanda Kumara god & have wise brain power. He helped to Sakanda Kumara & other people to take right desicions in their life. Ganasha also came to Sri lanka from India. Stayed in Wadihitikanda mountain in south of Sri Lanka. Cause his merit works, he also became as god. Ganasha also helps to lovers to success their love life from negative people.
  • Maheswara god & Iswara god : We had found as, both are two brothers who was past Hindu yogis or people who got mind power from Kundalani meditation & now became as powerful god. People keep bara for slove money problems & success in properites. Maheswara god punish to very bad people in society.
  • Wibisana : He is brother of king Rawana, but virtuous than Rawana. (Rawana-Rama story is right but not all are true as in myth). Rawana is powerful king in Sri Lanka who knows mantra science well. As we research Rawana had aero vehicle called "Dadumonara" which can be controlled by power of sounds(ie mantras). Cause of virtuous merit work of Wibisana, he was treated as god by people since long time.
  • Paththini : Pattini goddess is another Bodhisattawa goddess who hope to born in male life in future. She help to people by truth of her power of chastity. Main devala is in Nawagamuwa. It is said that female devil kali, is helper of paththini goddess. This goddess like to earn merit from Kiriamma Dana which tradition of Sri Lanka. People began to boil milk when start new task, also for get attraction from paththini goddess. But this milk must be not cow's milk or animal's, only made from coconut or soya. She help to cure sicknesses and mainly protect new born babies from all evils and sicknesses.
  • Walliamma : One main wife of Sakanda Kumara god. Some people get help from her and ask future predictions from this goddess in some Devala or herbal medicine centers. This goddess help to remove problems of ghosts or devils and cure sickness from heavenly medicine.
  • Laskmi goddess : She stay under rules of Kataragama god, but really help to people with matters of business, money, lottery winnings, gemming & properties. In her past life she help to poor people by giving money when Skanda Kumara rule in villages in Kataragama area. That merit help him to be goddess. But she can't give money to you only she can remove your obstacles while you work hard for earn money.
  • Saraswathi goddess : This goddess stay under rules of God Ganesha. She help to people in matters of Music, Art & Education. But she can't make learn you or give answers in exams. Only can remove your obstacles in your education. She can help you to strong up your mind via her mind power. It is highly recommend students with problems in education must do Saraswathi puja in real devala.

Get helps from gods & goddesses Jump to Top!
According our problems these gods or goddesses are help to get rid from our pains or they help us to win our life goals as like below. However gods & goddesses are not who are stay for help us, if they feel they help us. If we have big negative kamma to give result they will stay silent. Gods are can't mislead by giving pujas or by visiting to Devalas, cause they are know every thing about us. Before get helps from these gods you must know that there have istha devatha for you or there have attraction of esp: god or goddess, if you have, then that istha devatha can ask help from these main traditional gods for you as representer. You can consult your Astrologer for know that you have attraction of istha devatha. Lot of times there have especial helpings from particular gods and goddesses. Some gods don't like ask help to destroy other's properties. Therefore you may need consult your Astrologer for what gods good for your problems. However if you like or trust power of particular god, you can ask help from that god from your own mind. Here we gave some tips for get help from gods :

  • Gods can get your transferred merits only after they help or bless for you
  • Gods give small punishment people who stay with good precepts, but tends to go bad path
  • In every fullmoon day or poya days gods observe higher precepts, hence it is not uses or good ask help from them in fullmoon days or visit devalas in such days
  • Every gods can't give every helps what you ask, every gods have their own subject
  • God's council normally gather at time between 10pm to 4am in every nights, which are suit for ask help from your most likes or respected gods & goddesses
  • Gods can see every things at once, also they can go anywhere as soon as they fell
  • We need merits for get help from gods, means they can't help us when we face big negative kamma
  • Photos of gods not same as what you seen in shops.
  • Gods give big punishments when we neglect to remove bara
  • Gods not punish people who blames, neglect or refuse existence of gods, also they don't help such people
  • There have internship between gods & people, both need each other's helps
  • Gods can't do every things what we hopes, they also have limitations
  • When we keep pujas for planets problems relevant gods in particular planet, can reduce such problems
*If you have real life experiences about these traditional gods in Sri Lanka, Please send us details. We will publish in this page or use those details for our research which will help to our future generations.
*If you want to read more information about gods from research done by Mr. Somapala Dematapitiya via light reading, please read his book "Ditimi Adisi Dewiyan" or English translation, "Discovered Gods Unseen". These books can be brought from Samudra & Sarasawi Book Shops in Kandy.

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